Preston Gymnastics Academy

Preston Gymnastics Academy Class Policies

Payment Policies & Tuition Tuition for all classes is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. Currently, we accept cash and checks made out to PRESTON GYMNASTICS ACADEMY. We do not accept payments over the phone or internet.  We accept Visa and Mastercard in the office.  Any check returned from the bank is subject to a $35.00 service charge.  If tuition is not received by the first class in a session, your child will not be allowed to participate until payment is settled in full.

Make-Up Policy Children who miss class are allowed  3 scheduled make-ups.   Make-ups cant be made up in advance of an absence.  You may also do a make-up during and open gym.  Make-ups may not be transferred to another session. Adults have 2 make-ups per 8 week session.

Changing Classes Parents may reschedule class times and days during the course of the 12-week session up to (1) time before incurring an additional fee. If a class time or day needs to be changed after the initial one time, a $15.00 class change fee will be applied.  Please request a change of class form from the office.

Re-enrolling A students class (day & time) slot will automatically be guaranteed into the next 12-week session until the early tuition deadline.  After that time period, the slot will be dropped, and re-enrollment into that day a time will not be guaranteed.

Dress Code For all classes, children should wear non-baggy, comfortable workout attire. For girls this might include a leotard (no stockings) or a t-shirt, shorts, and/or sweatpants. All hair should be tied back away from the face. For boys, a t-shirt, shorts, and/or sweatpants would be acceptable. No child will be permitted to use the equipment wearing jeans, or any type of clothing with zippers, buttons, or snaps.  Socks are required on trampoline and double mini.

Safety Policy All of the instructors and coaches at Preston Gymnastics Academy are committed to being safety conscious and are regularly trained on proper progressions, procedures, and the latest spotting techniques. All activities are taught in a progressive manner, with the child mastering prerequisite skills before moving to more complex skills.

However, the very nature of gymnastics carries the risk of injury, running from minor to serious. All parents should familiarize both themselves and their children with gym rules and policies, and abide by them. Preston Gymnastics Academy has the right to restrict any activities that we deem unsafe.  All persons using the facility must have a signed and completed registration card on file. All participants must carry their own insurance, and are responsible for any bills incurred resulting from illness or injury.  Any child who willfully disobeys their instructor or consistently demonstrates disregard for safety awareness (both to themselves and others involved in the gym) might be asked to leave the class, permanently.  Disruptions might include instances of physical outbursts and/or verbal infractions.  There will be no refunds offered in these situations.

Weather & Closings In the event of a weather related closing, the gym will have a message on the answering machine stating whether or not the gym will be open. We do not follow the Montgomery County School Schedule, nor do we follow their weather related closings. You should always check by calling the gym if you have any questions.

Class Ratios For all classes except Pre-School, the ratio of students to teachers wilt be 8:1. In the Pre-School classes, the ratios will be 6:1.

Spectators Spectators may and are encouraged to view from the waiting room. Please do not distract or coach your athlete from the windows. This can be dangerous and result in an injury to your athlete.  Parents and/or guardians will not be allowed into the gym or on the equipment at any time.

Valuables Please do not bring valuables to Preston Gymnastics Academy. Preston Gymnastics Academy is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Waiting Room The waiting room is available for you to wait for your athlete.  Please do not allow your athlete and/or siblings to practice gymnastics, engage in horseplay, run, climb on the cubbies, or sit/stand on the tables.  In addition, please do not leave your athletes/siblings left unattended before or after the course of the class.  Athletes left unattended will be forced to call their parents or emergency contact and be sent home.


We are so confident you will love our program that we offer you a no risk enrollment guarantee.  If, after your first month, you are not completely satisfied with our program, we will give you 100% of your money back!  We would appreciate your comments on why you were dissatisfied so that we can learn and continue to improve our services.  This offer is available to first-time students to the program

only and valid only during the first month of enrollment.